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 Contact: Doris Lee

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This machine is specially designed for sticking all kinds of decorative paper and pvc film on plain MDF board,chipboard and plywood.

This machine is specially designed for large sized furniture manufacturers.the production capacity is 3500 boards per day (8 working hours).


Functions:Automatic loading system,hardness spreading equipment, glue spreading equipment,paper sticking equipment,paper automatic cutting system, hot press system and automatic edge trimming system.The diameter of the roller is 320mm and using oil heating system for hot press.


Raw materials:

A.All kinds of decorative paper and pvc film.

B.Plywood,particleboard,hardboard,MDF,Gypsum board

C.PVAC glue,latex glue and urea formaldehyde glue.


Characteristic and usage


◎TMB-C Paper Sticking(PVC) Machine is suitable for large specialized manufacturer;it has such advantages as high quality and sticking  paper without wrinkle or bubbles,etc.


◎The production line has such advantage as advanced index,high precision,reasonable layout,novel structure and handy operation and advanced international level,it is the ideeal choice for sticking paper or PVC on timber.


◎Equipment configure: dust collection and absorption equipment,single spread glue equipment,paper holding and sticking equipment,automatic cut paper equipment,hot press equipment and repress equipment,automatically trimming and automtically put on and off material.



Technical specification


Mode specification :Ø320×1350mm

Min.Board length :600mm

Board width :1220mm

Board thickness :2-30mm

Feeding speed :1-18m/min

Principal axis roller diamerer :Ø320mm

Motivity power :15kw

Heating power :9kw

Paper width :1280mm

Overall Dimensions :2100×2350×4200mm

Machine weight :10000kg







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