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  • Trade Name: PUR High Glossy Lamiantig machine
  • Product ID: 035

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high gloss laminating machine

1Glue Type:PUR hotmelt glue,EVA,PO glue available

2.Based board: suitable for MDF, partical board,chipboard,steel panel,gypsum panel, HPL,CPL ,foam panel,Acrylic sheet,honeycomb door panel

3.Film: HPL,CPL.PVC,High gloss pvc,veneer,leather,fire-proof board,etc.

Process of machine:

Panel feeder >> Brushing and Cleaning machine >> Panel preheating machine >> glue spreading machine >> Feeding machine >>Heating tunnel >>Roller pressing machine >>Automatic cut off pvc machine(choose)

1.Feeding table: Feeding table frame is made of heavy type aluminium     50 x100,feeding roller is made of good quality steel tube,feeding stable,length of the roller is 1350mm,using the “8” type belt to feed,feeding stable,shake samller,RV63 reducer,motor:0.75KW

Feeding conveyor is by belt,every groups rollers controlled by separately frequency convetor

2.Dust clean machine: Horizontal brushes to clean the board.Reducer motor: RV50,motor: 0.5KW

3.Preheating board by infrared lamps ,heating fast,save power,focus temperature .You can choose the single group infrared lamps or double groups lamps when the different weather

 4.Glue spread machine.PUR Glue sysyem.

Inside empty wifth:1510mm,roller size :240x1350mm,length of bottom roller :1300,reducer: 2x1.5KW,rv 90-40



Roller size




Glue system

55 Galon

Glue spread type

Roller coating

A.55 Gollon PUR Glue system

B.Heating Oil  temperature machine,20 lifter,36KW,the oile heating machine can keep the temperature glue roller in high temperature.

5.Laminating machine:Press roller: 240x1350mm,power: 2.2kw

6.Automatic load on the HPL,Veneer by vacuum sucker



7.Automatic cut off the high glossy ,pvc track cutter,track motor0.75kwhorizontal push cutter0.37kw,high frequency cut motor0.37kw

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