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  • Trade Name: PUR Profile wrapping machine (FMF300)
  • Product ID: 0563

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1. PUR profile wrapping machine  is especially used in the field of sticking pvc film , melamine paper,artificial wood and solid wood on the de coration strips,aluminum and plastic material.

 Adopting high standard in gelatinizing, the machine could cover various angles, curve, concave & convexity, slot, wrap border etc. which suit for construction material, furniture, table, window & door, decorative strip and relative factories .Complicated-shaped products surface could be turned into perfect impact.


2. PUR profile wrapping machine   Characteristic and usage:Good quality,not cracked glue;Fast Speed,Use widely;Save Glue,easy instal;Suitable urapped film.


3.  PUR profile wrapping machine Technical specification:



Max.film covering width 300mm
Max.process thickness 90mm
Min.process length  600mm
Feeding speed 0-40m/min
Power of NO.1material delivery motor 2.2kw
Heating power 10kw
Overall dimensions 7000×600×1600mm
Machine weight 2500kg
Max.diameter of roll cover material  400mm
Flexible max.width of cover film 600/900/1200mm


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